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Let's make this gem a jewel!

1.89 ct Blue Oval Sapphire

It's time to start the jewellery making process. competition narrow

Thank you for selecting the stone you've chosen. Now we need to have a conversation about what you want to do with it. 

Before we chat, have a thing about what you want to do with the stone. Here are a few things to think about.

  • What would you like to make? Ring, Earrings, Pendant?
  • When would you like to make it by? 
  • Do you have a budget in mind? How much do you want to send on your piece of jewellery? 

Whatever questions you have, please fill in your details and we'll be happy to help you further.  Alternatively, you can call the office (9am-5pm GMT) on +44 (0)20 7242 3748.

Please add your details below: