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Working Together to Make the Jewellery Industry Stronger

Over the years, during our work within the jewellery industry we have noticed that, while there are many very good websites available for the jewellery industry, there isn’t a website available that represents all individuals working within and around the entire industry. intends to plug that hole by creating a website where every individual or company within the jewellery industry; from student to sales rep, to gem dealer to fine jewellery designer, from bricks and mortar jewellers to insurance professionals, to small mines and specialist metal dealers, can come together at Jewel Crowd, to meet, share knowledge and speak directly to everybody from all parts of the jewellery industry. will be written by us for you. It will be a valued and regularly updated online resource where we will have features, blogs, webinars, e-books, interviews and reviews all to engage, aid and inform every part of the jewellery industry.

Being a business owner in any industry is a lonely pursuit, here at no longer will you be alone. We will offer, all in one place, not only the resources and latest information of business and the jewellery industry but also offer a means of speaking directly to other business owners and experts all over the world, who may have the same or similar questions over the successful running of their jewellery business as you. We at firmly believe that by working together the Jewellery Industry will only get stronger and is the materialisation of that belief.

Our mission is clear. To be an ever-evolving valuable resource, a focal point, a trusted meeting place for all those involved within and around the whole industry. If there is something you want us to cover, let us know. If there is an e-book or webinar that would help you or your staff, let us know – this site is for you, we can’t stress this enough.

Through, we will bring together a crowd of individuals, businesses and professionals from all four corners of the jewellery and horological industry, to meet, draw from, exchange knowledge, read information and features on the jewellery industry. is created for you, by becoming part of the community you will no longer be a lone voice in the worldwide jewellery industry, you will no longer have to search lots of different websites for answers, will be your one stop shop, a valuable resource for all individuals who are already in or looking to become a part of the jewellery industry. You may be a fine jewellery designer residing in the Outer Hebrides, or a student in America or gem dealer in Spain  - through Jewel Crowd everybody has a meeting place, a platform in which to meet, read and exchange knowledge  - because by working together the Jewellery Industry will become Stronger.

We look forward to working with you

Richard and Joy